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Artificial Intelligence is eating the world

The evolution of Artificial Intelligence(AI) was started from the idea, “If humans can think and make a decision out of their experiences then why can’t a machine do the same or something beyond“.

In the current world, AI is everywhere right from the wake-up alarm that your gadget makes based on your sleep time and duration, the path you take to reach the workplace, the music you hear and even in this article where “Grammarly” is helping me to write this piece grammatically correct.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) can analyze, make decisions out of huge data sets that enterprises had today in their warehouses and drive their business towards success with less cost. Recently a Japanese based venture capital firm included an AI bot as their board member. This example tells us where AI stands today in this competitive digital world.

Now we are in a state today where machines are smarter than humans, can do whatever humans can and even better with the efficiency equal to or greater than us. We have the technology today where it tells the crop health in our agriculture land, detects the insects if any, suggests the pesticides that are needed and also give us the yield estimation. AI has its place in every industry including agriculture, aerospace, mining, textile, motors, insurance, banking, customer service, IT, construction, etc.

But the darkest corner and the unanswered question is that “Is it going to really eat our jobs or help us do our jobs differently or create new kind of jobs??!!! “

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